Year 6 Overview

Year 6 making obstacle courses for light to show that light travels in straight lines.
Year 6 enjoying their Pok-a-Tok tournament. Luckily we didn’t have to sacrifice the losers!
Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed working with @LearnatCZ in our life cycle workshop.
Year 6 are learning the names of the rooms in our houses in our French lesson.
Welcome to the Year 6 class page. 

As we are now in Year 6, we are the top of the school and working hard at being good role models to others.

Our teachers are Mr Easby and Mrs Heston. Mrs Jones is our Teaching Assistant.

We know this is a busy year and we are all looking forward to trying our best for our end of year SATs tests!
Year 6 are enjoying reading Room with a Mountain View by Lauren St John. They thought about the characters they had met and found evidence of their character type from the text.
World Book Day 2020
Year 6 learning all about decisions in the life unit last week.
Year 6 were delighted with their bookmarks. Thank you very much Abi Elphinstone!
It’s so cool visiting the library - just look how much Y6 enjoy reading
What When Due Back
Maths Monday Friday
Times tables Monday Friday test
English Monday Friday
Spelling Monday Friday test