Year 5 Overview


This half term we will be studying :

 'The Ancient Egyptians’


In this fascinating topic we will rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt! We will begin by locating Egypt using a map, atlas, globe and digital maps. We will then identify oceans, neighbouring places and the course of the river Nile. We will also use a wide range of geographical sources in order to investigate Egypt’s climate and the river Nile.


In our topic we will compare the beliefs and behaviour of the ancient Egyptians with our own time. We will study the key dates, characters and events of the time, using a range of sources including primary and secondary to find out about life in ancient Egypt: especially their beliefs surrounding death and their life and after-life cycle.

 Scientifically we will be studying the human life cycle and how we change as we grow older. This will involve comparing humans with other mammals and analysing gestation periods, looking for patterns and identifying which mammal has the longest gestation period. 



 This half term we will be reading


'Ma'at's Feather' by Juliet Desailly


This book features a young Egyptian boy, who has to face some difficult decisions, all set against the backdrop of the building of the pyramids. Inspired by this book, writing opportunities include hieroglyphic messages, and Egyptian poetic incantations. We will also be writing an Egyptian style traditional narrative. Non-fiction writing focuses on glossaries and explanation texts.

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