At Our Lady's we take part in and encourage many different after school activities.
Phonics Club - Miss Beger and Miss Downey (Spring 1 and 2)
Phonics Club - Miss Beger and Miss Morris (Summer 1)
 Phonics club will be held in the Year 1 classroom after school from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. There will be a choice of phonic games and fun phonic interactive games for them to have fun with whilst also developing and practising their phonics skills.
Art and Craft Club - Miss Beger (Summer 2)
Art and Craft club runs after school from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Children will get the opportunity to learn and practise a variety of art techniques and styles. Children will be able to showcase their talents and abilities in Art and create some beautiful artwork.
Tennis Club 
Each year group gets to take part in a Tennis After School Club. This is led by our external tennis coach Tia and supported by the class teacher. We play lots of games and practise our sending and receiving techniques. Tia brings lots of equipment for us to use and Year 2 particularly like to practise using the 'hand nets'!
Year 6 Maths Club (Spring 1 and 2)
To help practise our problem solving skills and improve our reasoning, Mr Easby takes a Year 6 Maths Club. Here, we compete to solve some very tricky maths problems, explaining our reasoning and developing techniques and strategies to help us complete a variety of puzzles. 

Writing Club (Autumn 1 and 2)

Year 6 children are invited to Writing Club for a term.  Using Pobble 365 writing prompts children have the opportunity to write stories and be a writer by proof reading, editing and improving their stories.  They listen to authors tell them how they became a writer and hopefully this will inspire them to continue to write their own stories.


Reading Club (Spring 2)

Year 6 children are invited to a club to practise their reading comprehension skills in preparation for KS2 SATS tests.  Children use exciting texts and use ‘VIPERS’ to help them to answer questions effectively by identifying what the focus of each question is.

V- Vocabulary

I – inference

P – predictions

E – explain

R – retrieve

S – summarise


Thirty children from Year 1 through to Year 6 have the opportunity to take part in after school Choir Club. This is led by Miss Beckett after school on a Tuesday. The choir get the opportunity to sing Christmas carols at Trewan House and at our school carol concert. They then learn songs of a specific genre for the Spring Concert at St Peter and Paul’s Catholic High School where they perform to their parents and 3 other schools that are taking part. 
Gardening club
Children from Reception have the opportunity to participate in after school Gardening club. This is led by Miss Beckett and Miss Downey. The children will help take care of our garden in the Reception area and in our new outdoor prayer area. The children learn lots of skills through this club, such as; understanding how plants grow, communicating with each other, how to use different gardening tools and lots of new vocabulary. 
Classical Literature Club
To enrich our children's literature provision prior to moving up to high school, Mrs Hignett runs a 'Classical Literature' club in the summer term post SATs.
Pupils from Y6 enjoy exploring the legacy of language of some of our best authors: Dickens, Shakespeare, Blake. They approach these sessions creatively, using art, crafts, ICT and drama.
Chess Club
The Librarians and Mrs Hignett provide chess coaching for KS2 children every Friday lunchtime, whilst the library is open. This is on a casual 'first come first served' basis, for between 8 - 10 children at a time.
Dance Club
Dance Club provides children with an opportunity to learn a new skill (or further develop one they already have), perform and improve their self-esteem and confidence. Children will also learn how to exercise safely and develop many different physical skills, such as flexibility, strength, conditioning, posture and stamina. At Dance Club, children will learn different dance moves which will progress into dance routines that will be performed at certain events, such as the HPAN performance at the Brindley Theatre.
French Club
During the Summer Term year 2 are given the opportunity to take part in after school French Club. We play lots of games, sing songs and take part in role play as we begin to learn French. This club helps the children prepare for weekly French lessons as part of the curriculum.
Rugby Club
We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with the Widnes Vikings Community Programme, who deliver a rugby after school club for both key stage one and key stage two. Children learn the skills it takes to participate in playing rugby, playing fun, fast paced games. They learn important skills such as communication, collaboration, and leadership and how they should support and encourage their teammates. The coaches that run the sessions are extremely keen and enthusiastic, helping build confidence, develop resilience and the ability to bounce back from challenge.

Year 3 Art Club – Miss Poulson and Mrs Green (Spring 2)

Following on from the success of last year’s Art Club Miss Poulson and Mrs Green have set up another Art club for Year 3 which runs on Monday 3:00pm to 4:00pm. It is very well attended and the children have had the chance to learn about and practice a variety of French art techniques such as Pointillism and Cubism which links to our geography topic for this term.  They have all worked so hard and produced beautiful artwork.


KS2 Computing Club – Miss Morgan (Summer 1)

KS2 will have the opportunity to participate in some fabulous activities at Computing Club which will run on Thursday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Like last year, we will be exploring a range of software - coding using Scratch and Minecraft Education, using geographical software such as Google Earth and National Geographic Mapmaker to circumnavigate our Planet. This year we will also be able to carry out some physical computing using our very own BBC micro:bit  kit and Makecode software which comes with light, sound, touch and temperature sensors, speakers and microphones. This will allow us to code and create lots of exciting projects.


KS2 STEM  Club – Miss Morgan (Summer 2)

Something brand new for this year is STEM Club. It’s open to KS2 children and we will be participating in the Crest Superstar challenge. This will involve fun, hands-on activities that challenge our scientists to explore the world around them. Each challenge involves solving a real-world problem which helps our pupils develop their investigative and teamwork skills. After completing all challenges, each child will receive a CREST SuperStar certificate and iron-on badge.