Complaints Procedure


Listening and responding to your school complaints

We pride ourselves at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary School as being a listening school.

It is our intention to involve parents/carers fully in the life of the school and to keep transparent lines of communication between home and school open.  There are many different ways for parents/carers to communicate with school – for example, reading diaries, open door appointments,  parent/carer - teacher meetings and emails.

We set out with the sole aim of providing the best possible education for our children.  In doing so we work hard to provide high standards of care and services knowing how important it is for children and parents to feel as happy as possible whilst attending our school.  If anything falls short of the expectations of children and families, we will do all that we can to put things right and make sure the same thing does not happen again.

We recognise that from time to time parents / carers may have cause to express concerns or even to complain.  If this is the case, then we ask that you follow the Complaints Procedure so that your issue is dealt with swiftly. Initially, we ask you to let a member of staff know what your concern is.  We often find that by talking things through straight away, problems can be resolved there and then.

We take all complaints very seriously and will investigate each matter that is raised and will respond to all complaints as quickly as possible.

Please click on the link below to access our Complaints Policy and Procedures.