To Know You More Clearly

'To Know You More Clearly' is a teaching framework from the new religious Education Directory (R.E.D). This framework will be progressively rolled out across the school, replacing the Come and See Scheme by 2025.
In Autumn 2023, EYFS will be the first year group to begin to use 'To know you more clearly', they will then be followed by Year 1 in Spring 2024. This will gradually continue until all year groups have taken the new framework on board.
The scheme itself is divided into 6 branches, with 2 branches being taught across each term.
Autumn 1: Branch 1 - Creation and covenant
Autumn 2: Branch 2- Prophecy and promise
Spring 1: Branch 3- Galilee to Jerusalem
Spring 2: Branch 4- Desert to garden
Summer 1: Branch 5-To the ends of the Earth
Summer 2: Branch 6- Dialogue and encounter