Mission Statement


 "We learn to love everyone as Jesus loves us."

In fulfilling our Mission Statement we aim to:

  •          Be a gospel-centred community;
  •          Provide a loving, welcoming environment where the Christian faith is nurtured;
  •          Develop potential and celebrate the achievements of all.

Therefore with the children we will:

  •           Teach them to love and respect self and others, by following in Jesus’ footsteps;
  •          Enable them to feel happy, safe and valued;
  •          Help them to work to the best of their ability.

With staff we will:

  •          Enable them to grow in both personal and professional self-respect and self-confidence;
  •          Serve the Church through love and service of the children;
  •          Work together, encouraging one another and sharing good practice.

Our curriculum will:

  •           Teach the values of the Gospel;
  •          Be broad and balanced, interesting and stimulating
  •          Have a spiritual and moral dimension interwoven within it
  •          Provide opportunities for all to succeed
  •          Enable all to go into the modern world with skills and competences that will allow them to be accomplished and to thrive as followers of Jesus