Home Learning wc 27.11.23

Good morning Year 3, I hope you had a great weekend.
For those of you who are learning at home, this page contains all the work planned for this week.
The timetable for the week is below
Maths - we are continuing with multiplication and division this week and will be doing some recap lessons for 2, 3 and 4 times tables
There is a lesson for every day with accompanying videos to help.
Daily TT rockstars- make sure you go on each day. There is a fast maths grid attached for you to use during the week.
Videos for Lessons
Monday - multiplying by 2
Tuesday - multiplying by 3
Wednesday  - multiplying by 4
Our spelling list for this week is saved below - practice them daily please Year 3.
I have also added some  English activities to do for each day.
Monday - there is a comprehension for you to complete based on the book '‘Leon and the place Between’ written by Grahame Baker-Smith.
Tuesday - there is a comprehension for you to complete based on the book 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl
Wednesday - there is a comprehension for you to complete  based on one of my favourite subjects - Cats!!
The a story called 'Kitten Rescue' by Lucy Daniels. 
Read the text and answer the questions
Monday afternoon
I have added a link for you to practice saying your name and other details about yourself.
Merci beaucoup Year 3!
The link to website  is below
I have also added some PE links for you to pick a P.E. activity to do this afternoon.
Well done for completing all your work, go and have some time away from your screen.
Have a lovely weekend and I'll 'see' you on Monday
Miss Morgan
Tuesday afternoon
Come and See
we are learning all about Judaism
I have added a link for you to watch and some slides for you to learn all about the Jewish faith.
Can you write some sentences telling me what you have learned about 
- Jewish symbols (the Star of David)
- the place where Jewish people pray (describe the inside of this place, where people sit and where the holy book of prayer is kept and how it is used).
thank you
Wednesday afternoon
Learning Means the World
Three Giant Steps  - Canada
Look at the document attached and watch the video and look at the websites.
Choose a place in Canada - Toronto and research all about this place.
Research key physical and human features of the city above and create a tourist information booklet about the place you have researched.
I have attached a template for you to use
Enjoy learning all about Canada!