Parent Feedback

At Our Lady's we value parent comments and suggestions, and use these to improve our school. Below you will find some comments and suggestions we've been given and the actions we have taken. 
Parent's Comment Action/Comment
As a working parent the school does not provide enough notice for events taking place in school i.e. coffee mornings. Events are put on newsletters and posters put up around school. The news letters are now also put onto the website
There is no reason when an after school activity is cancelled at short notice, the school cannot inform parents via mobile call/text. The new texting system has now been bought in.
Maybe a text service system to remind parents of upcoming events etc, if something has been cancelled would be a good idea.
We would like to be told in advance if our children are going to receive awards during assembly, as we both work full time, therefore we would love to plan around our work schedule’s to see them collect their certificates. Thank you Parents are now informed approximately one week in advance that their child will be receiving a certificate in assembly.
Certificates need to be fairly shared out. Records are kept of children who have received certificates to ensure even distribution.
(Behaviour) few incidents over the last few years in class The behaviour policy has been reviewed and updated.
School system of sanctions not always effective.
Grass verge on infants playground needs removing/covering. Will speak to the grounds maintenance contractor and seek advice.
Grass hill on infant is slippy especially in bad weather.
I feel children on the junior yard are vulnerable / fence – car park open which I know has to be open so fence needs to be more secure. Funding has now been secured from Liverpool Archdiocese and new electronic gates will be installed over the February half term holidays.
I feel that the staff and atmosphere at the school has allowed my child to grow and become confident. We are very happy with the school.  
Parking during school drop off & collection is a constant grind. We are unable to walk to school and therefore require a car. The school does not allow on site parking nor the neighbours outside their home. I would be interested to know what ( if any) efforts are being made to resolve this issue? Unfortunately, we are unable to allow parents to park for safety reasons. Letters have gone to parents and the police are patrolling to try and help with the parking issues.
(Ex Curricular clubs) So many more could be available e.g craft, design etc. An audit is taking place of clubs and school council will ballot the children to see what clubs they would like.
We love the idea of afternoon tea!  
(Enjoys school?) Strongly agree!  
My daughter has settled into school extremely well. OLPS is an outstanding school & I’m sure my daughter will have a fantastic future ahead in the school.  There isn’t a single thing I can complain about! Well done to all staff! & Thank you!  
I miss the children singing in assembly We have begun to focus on new hymns and introduced singing back into the assemblies.