Get Involved

Get involved and support OLPS
We are always happy to welcome new volunteers to OLPS.
Here are some ideas of how you can help.
  • Reading with children
  • Maths groups
  • Extra curricular clubs
  • School visits
  • Garden club
  • General classroom support
  • Curriculum support.
Please note for roles within the classroom it is unlikely that you would be given your child’s class to help in. Initially we would like you to commit to carrying out the role for a ½ a term after you have had a go at it and made sure it is something you want to carry on doing.
If nothing leaps out at you, but you have another idea of how you can get involved, please note it down at the end of the form and we’ll be in touch. There will be more opportunities in the future- we have started with a select number of roles to make sure we can get you involved smoothly.
 Download the form and hand it into the office. We will then contact you to arrange for you to be police checked, receive initial support and advice on your chosen role and then come into help.
Our volunteers support the children in a variety of ways.
  • Supporting the children in the library changing their books and supporting reading throughout the school.
  • Some volunteer in the classroom supporting children with their learning.
  • Volunteering for trips and taking children on visits.