Year 1 Gallery

Year 1 made some wonderful instruments for their History homework on the topic 'The Beatles'.
Doing some fun English activities so far in Year 1.
Year 1 have done some fun and interactive maths activities.
We enjoyed playing with 'Toys from the Past'.
Year 1 have done some brilliant pieces of Art work and made some brilliant things in DT.
Year 1 have learned some great ball skills, dance skills and coordination and movement skills so far in PE.
Year 1 love learning about Come and See. 
World Book Day 2020

Year 1 love getting practical with their Science lessons. 
Year 1 have enjoyed using the Ipads and computers to do some computing.
Some lovely pictures of us all in Year 1!
Year 1 did a fantastic Class Assembly about 'Special People'. 
We had a very exciting Easter Egg hunt!
Some of our Year 1 boys played football at OCA!
We had some chicks that stayed with us in school and we loved cuddling them.
We really enjoyed our visitor coming in from Chester Zoo to tell us about lots of different animals around the world.
We had a lovely vet and her dog that came to our class and told us about how to look after animals, what an x ray was and what her job was.