Starting School Information September 2022

Welcome to Reception! - Teignmouth Primary
Firstly hello and welcome to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary School. 
We have created this online web page to give you up to date current information for all of our new children starting school in September 2022. A lot of this information will have been handed out already in your packs. This page will be updated with key dates and relevant information for parents, therefore please keep regularly checking this page for the latest developments and information. 
Please see the booklets below with key information about starting school and a guide about how you can support your child starting school (these are the same ones that are in your packs). Also, below are some useful resources and activities for your child to enjoy and have fun with whilst learning too.
Here are a few things you can do with your child to help prepare them for school:
  • Read books about starting school and chat about starting school.
  •  Help your child to recognise their name, play with letters (Their name will be on their tray and clothes so it will help them become more responsible for their things).
  • Practise skills like getting dressed, using cutlery and going to the toilet and washing their hands as this will encourage them to be more independent.
  • And most importantly lots of play! This is the best way children learn and master a variety of skills.
 I cannot wait to teach all of your amazing children!
Many thanks,
Miss Beckett
(Reception class teacher)
Useful websites and games for your child to play:
(Click on the links below)
PhonicsPlay games (Phase 1 only)
Phonicsbloom games (Phase 1 only)