Home Learning W/B 8th February 2021

Hi everyone! 
I hope you had a great weekend and managed to relax and go out for some fresh air. 
I can't believe this is our final week before you finish for a well-deserved week off!
I just want to say a massive WELL DONE and THANK YOU to all of you for your fantastic work and positive attitude this half term. I know it has been very different and sometimes it may have been a bit difficult! However you have all tried so hard and I know you have been super-stars at home for your parents! 
I have planned fun activities for you to complete this week and then next week you can all relax and unwind during Half Term! 
I can't wait until we are all back in school together! 
Keep working hard!! 
From Miss Corkill (a very proud and happy Teacher)
Maths: Please complete the 'Flashback 4'. Then watch the video and complete the worksheet below. 
Spellings: As we are nearly at the end of this Half Term I am not giving you new spellings this week. Instead I would like you to revisit previous week's spellings and practise the ones you are still unsure of. You could also write sentences for your spellings too. I would also like you to use the letter-join website to practise writing in a cursive style (cursive means with the flicks at the end and the lead ins at the beginning - not necessarily joined) and send me a photograph of your handwriting! 
Comprehension: For English today I would like you to complete the reading comprehension below. Remember you only complete ONE and it is the one with your reading group name on. 
Come and See: We are starting  new topic called 'Thanksgiving'. 
Today I would like to think of a time that you have given thanks. Why did you give thanks? Who did you thank? When was it? 
I would then like you to write about the time you have given thanks and draw a picture of that time too. 
Here are some examples:  

o   school: being kind to others, words of thanks, giving a gift.

o   home: being helpful, a kiss, a hug, giving a gift.

o   community: doing a good turn, helping those in need.

Maths: Please complete the 'Flashback 4'. Then watch the video and complete the worksheet below. 
English: Today in English I want you to develop your skill of 'writing about a picture'.
Look at the picture below. Think about where the people may be going on the cruise ship; what can you see on the picture? What might they have on the cruise ship? Discuss the picture with someone at home first to build up a picture in your head. I want you to write in full sentences and use exciting adjectives to describe what you can see, hear and smell. 
* Teacher tip* Extend your sentences using 'because' 'and' or 'so'. 


My inner self and outer self portrait


For Art this week I would like you to draw and colour what your  physical face looks like on one side of a blank face.

Then draw and colour  your hobbies, thoughts, and emotions on the other side.


Handwriting: I would like you to go onto Letter-Join to practise your letter formation. 
Here are the log in details: 
Username: lj6245
password: home 
You can start with practising your letter formation but you could also challenge yourself to write a sentence using some of the spellings you now know! 
Maths: Please complete the 'Flashback 4'. Then watch the video and complete the worksheet below. 
There are 4 different types of sentences: 
- statements              This month is February. 
- commands                 Tidy your bedroom.
- questions                  What is your favourite food?
-exclamations              I can see a fox in my garden! 
Watch the video and complete the activity online about the different types of sentences. Once you have finished I would like you to complete the worksheet below.
PSHE: This week I want you to complete an activity to focus on your 'mindfulness'. Mindfulness means slowing down and really noticing what you are doing. So this afternoon I would like you to choose one of the activities below to complete. I want you to take your time and enjoy yourself! 
French: This week we are looking at French colours! Remember this is just a fun activity for you to take part in. You do not have to send me your French work. 
Maths: Please complete the 'Flashback 4'. Then watch the video and complete the worksheet below. 
English:  I would like you to re-watch the video from yesterday's lesson. Remember there are 4 types of sentences we use when we write. 
- statements              This month is February. 
- commands                 Tidy your bedroom.
- questions                  What is your favourite food?
-exclamations              I can see a fox in my garden! 
Once you have watched the video,  I would like you to write: 
- 2 commands
- 2 exclamations
- 2 statements 
- 2 questions
Science: We are looking at animals and their babies this week. I would like you to watch the video below and then complete the activity. 
As an extra challenge you could also find out the names of different animal babies! 

This Friday, the last day before half term, is going to be an opportunity to focus on our health and wellbeing.   Therefore, we do not expect the children to complete or upload any of the work on this day.  Take this time to focus on well-being by completing their well-being butterfly or going for a walk, joining an online yoga session or lying on the sofa reading a book – you choose!  An afternoon away from their screens is vital.

Any online learning sessions on this day will continue as each group has an allocated time slot on each day of the week and for some children Friday is their group’s allocated day. I will also still be doing our morning meeting at 9 o'clock if you wish to join! We will have a quick chat and play a couple of games before we finish for Half Term! 

Maths: I would like you to complete the 'Flashback 4'. Then I would like you to watch the video and complete below.
English: Yesterday in science you looked at animals and their babies. I would like you to choose one animal from yesterday (or an animal of your choice) and write a short report about them. This report will be similar to your Africa one last week but it won't be as long! 
Your title should be the name of your animal and the name of their babies. Then I want you to use the following sub-headings in your report: 
What do they look like?
Where do they live? 
What do they eat? 
Remember we will be using statement sentences in this! you may also use an exclamation sentence too (if you find an interesting fact!). I am looking forward to reading your short reports.  
P.E: Today I would like you to complete the activities below. 


This is a traditional African call and response song that develops your sense of steady pulse or steady beat. We will be finding out how the rhythm of the words is different to the steady pulse or steady beat


Scroll down to  Singing Kye, Kye Kule. Then listen and watch the video, and follow Rachel as she teaches you the song. You will need to find 2 sound-makers to tap together – 2 pencils / 2 spoons / 2 pots etc.


Can you tap the steady pulse with your foot at the same time as you're singing the song and tap the rhythm of the words that you're singing with your 2 objects?