Home Learning w/b 1st March

Monday 1st March - Friday 5th March 2021
This week we are celebrating WORLD BOOK DAY, on Thursday 4th March - don't forget to dress up as your favourite book character and send us a picture!
World Book Day
You have all week to complete your sponsored reading Book Bingo. For everyone who completes all 16 activities, send in your coloured bingo chart and sponsor form, and we'll put your names into a competition to win books and goodies!
Your free book vouchers are here at school waiting for you, and will be given out when you return next week!   Check out the Book Bingo video here:   Book Bingo video
We will continue the Maths unit on fractions. Remember fractions are our friends!
In English you'll be consolidating grammar and exploring a range of poetry, and sharing your own.
For your personal learning challenge research, you have the choice of 2 topics to study. Science is all about space, and Geography is about the USA. Go to the Homework Spring 2 page for lots of information.
I hope you enjoyed your 'Fun-time- Friday', Charanga music lesson! Log in on Friday for lesson 2.
Take care,
Mrs Hignett
Monday 1st March 2021
Here are today's lessons:
English - 
Start each day with 10 minutes spelling following the routine in class. Then concentrate on the tasks outlined for each day. 
                           1. Daily spellings - record and colour code tricky bits.
                           2. Comprehension - 'Sometimes I Think....' -   Reading text below.
                               Comprehension 1st March
                          3. Word of the Week - see definition and extension activity sheet below.
                          4. Letterjoin - Resources - Dictation - KS2 - shopping list.
                          5. Personal reading - to be discussed and shared at our 'live' session.
Maths -  This week we will continue our topic on FRACTIONS. The lessons below compliment and support this topic.
Follow this procedure:
1. Play the video
2. Complete the activity
3. Check your answers
Video links:
  • Fast Maths
  • Finally,  visit TT Rockstars.
Topic - DT
Today I'd like you to plan, design and experiment with the building and decorating of a den so you can complete the Book Bingo task on Thursday:
'Read in a den'.
I have attached a bunting template below that you can customise.
I've also added some pictures of amazing dens to inspire you. You will need your den for Thursday!
Here are some ideas:
 Cardboard Fort
I love this classic cardboard box fort – it’s almost like a maze! The use of blankets means you can open up the boxes to make them extra tall and I love the duct tape over the entrance – a lovely finishing touch (and prevents cardboard injuries!)
Box with lights
Again I love the simplicity of this – a cardboard box with fairy lights can be the most amazing thing to little ones (and big kids too, if you can fit in the box!) A great sensory den!
Makeshift Tent
If you have a tarpaulin or ground sheet then this is a super fun makeshift tent for the garden! really easy to do with a low lying washing line or rope and a picnic blanket underneath.
Another great classic sofa fort for some great entertainment – why is it when we take a sofa apart it becomes a whole new place to play?!
This is another awesome den made out of Connecta Straws (reminds me a little of a giant K’NEX project!)
You can choose to either research and study your own choice of an American state, or Earth and Space.
Go to Homework Spring 2 page for lots of exciting resources to explore.
In the Science topic we will be looking at Space and the Solar System, in the challenge:
'Will we ever send another human to the moon?'
In the Geography topic we will study the continent of North America in the challenge:
'What's so special about the USA?'
Tuesday 2nd March 2021
1. Spellings - Tuesday Triangles.
2. Poetry - This week we are going to explore and create poetry as we celebrate World Book Week.
Today I'd like you to watch the video clips below, featuring the inspiring poet Joseph Coelho.
Then, complete the task on the Poetry Word Cloud based on a famous poem by William Blake. Can you find out which poem, once you've completed the task sheet? 
3. Extra challenge - Choose a different animal, and in the style of the word cloud, experiment with interesting adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors and phrases, to create your own poem, using different coloured pens and sizes of words to emphasise significant words and phrases that you want to stand out!
Maths - Lesson 2 video link below.
  Watch the video and complete the answer sheet. Take a picture and send. Then check your answers.
Finally,  visit TT Rockstars.
Topic  - Science 
This week, we are going to focus on the Earth's natural satellite - the moon.
Firstly watch the videos below, then complete the Moon phases worksheet.
Extra challenge - Can you research robots in space - particularly the Mars landings - which we will be studying for Science week next week?
Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Here are today's lessons:
English - 1. Daily spellings - Wednesday Wordsearch.
              2. Today you are going to write your own 'emotion' poem. Go through the power-point below, then follow the pattern on the worksheet. Once you've edited it for best effect, then create a power-point version, with text, images, transitions etc.
Maths - Lesson 3 video link below.
  Watch the video and complete the FIRST PART of the answer sheet. Take a picture and send. Then check your answers.
Finally,  visit TT Rockstars.
Topic - Geography
Today you are going to take a look at some of the amazing landscapes of the continent of North America.
The Rockies are a group of mountains stretching from Canada in the north down into the USA.
Firstly, you need to go through the power-point below, entitled 'Canyon, valleys and plains'. This contains links to videos that will help your understanding.
Then you are to read the text The Rockies, and then answer the questions.
Finally, check your answers - you should now be very knowledgeable about The Rockies!
Thursday 4th March
Today you will be doing lots of activities for World Book Day.
Firstly, you need to do your daily maths lesson:
Watch the video   Lesson 4
Now complete the SECOND PART of the worksheet and mark your work.
Yay -  WORLD BOOK DAY - 2021
I hope you're going to join in the fun and dress up as your favourite book character like me!
World Book Day
Today you are going to...
  • Find out all about similes and metaphors
  • Go on a simile hunt around your house
  • Create poems using similes and metaphors
  • Make a poetry mobile for your den 
  • Make some book themed cup cakes - to eat in your den
  • 'Publish' your poems for our class poetry book
There is also a live event at 10:30am today, on the World Book Day website, with super authors like Tom Fletcher, Lydia Monks and Joseph Coelho.
Here is the link: 
                            Bringing Reading to Life
  • I would also like to encourage you all to log onto Google classrooms at 2:30 pm to see how you're all celebrating the day - and hopefully bring some smiles with your outfits!
1. Let's start by watching the poet Joseph Coelho go on a simile hunt. Watch the film below:
2. Now you've watched the film clip, you are ready to start creating your similes and metaphors. Go through the power-point below:
I know you'll have fun with the metaphor task, when you are asked to draw an amusing picture for each of these metaphors: 
•Her feet were blocks of ice.
•He flew down the street.
•It's raining cats and dogs.
•Time files.  
These can be added to your mobile later.
3. Now you are going to make a simile and metaphor hunt around your home!
You will need little pieces of paper or sticky notes. 
Go from room to room and think about what objects are like.
For example:
  • The duvet is as fluffy as.....a dreamy, ethereal cloud. (Place the simile onto the object).
  • The stairs are as steep as....Mount Olympus to an ant. (Place the simile on them).
  • The window is a.... slither of sparkling ice. (Place the metaphor on it).
  • The curtains are....billowing cloaks from Anglo-Saxon warrior. (Place the metaphor on them).
Carry on around the house. Look at tables, chairs, cushions, fridge, toaster etc....
Once you've set up the hunt, involve your family to 'find' them!
4. Now focus on the food cupboard and fridge/freezer.
  • The milk is as white as.... or as cold as....
  • The cereal is as crunchy as...
  • The butter is as soft as....
  • The sausages are....
  • The bread is....  etc.
You are ready to explore food poems.
Let's listen to the mp3 sound recording as we read the poem below: 
We Ate All the Cheetos
5. Now let's read some more food themed poems, as well as watching Joseph Coelho perform his poem: 
A Little Bit of Food
 Once you've read through the selection below, use your food similes and metaphors from earlier, to place onto your poetry mobile.
Furthermore, you may want to challenge yourself to imitate some of the patterns in the poems about food, and experiment with expanding words and phrases - you know how to write Haikus -  and create your own food themed poems.
6. You are now ready to make a poetry mobile hanger for your den.
Ask for permission to use 1 or 2 wire coat hangers, to hang your similes, metaphors (don't forget your illustrated metaphors), and poems from.
I've added some pictures to inspire you below:
7. You are now ready to read a recipe and make your own cup cakes!
Once they are ready, you can take them into your den, admire your poetry mobile, and snuggle down with a favourite book - ticking off another section on your book bingo card!
I hope you've had a super World Book Day, even though it's been very different this year!
World Book Day
Friday 5th March 2021
Here are today's lessons:
English - 1. Daily spellings - Test. ( Log onto Google classrooms at 2:30pm to be tested with the rest of the class)
              2. Today we are going to revise all the grammar we've studied so far, with a Quiz.
                  Remember, since we've done these in class, that the MASTER CHALLENGE has some 'suggested' answers. You have to decide if they are right or wrong. I have put the answer sheet below, for you to mark yourself. Good luck!
              3. Letterjoin - go to resources, and select a grammar task  - in your best handwriting!
              4. Reading.
Maths - Lesson 5
Fun time Friday Problem!
Work through the problems, then check your answers.
Finally,  visit TT Rockstars.
Topic - Music
This week, you're going to do Lesson 2 on Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a prayer'- as I showed you in the live lesson, last week.
Lesson 2 - Begin with Launch Step 1 - Work your way through each of the steps: 
Have fun!
And finally..... SEE YOU ALL ON MONDAY!