Home Learning W/B 1st February 2021

Hi everyone! 
Happy First Day of the Month! I can't believe we are in February already!! 
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had a relaxing weekend at home and then I went on a walk to the 'Hale Lighthouse'. It was lovely but very muddy! I had to clean my shoes when I got home!
I have really enjoyed our daily check ins and I hope you have all enjoyed seeing your friends online and have found them useful too. Below you will find this week's work. We are finishing our African Savannah topic this week, I really hope you have enjoyed it! I think it is really interesting learning about the savannah; where Africa is located; African animals and the marvellous Maasai Tribe! 
Have a great week, stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your work :)!
Miss Corkill
Maths: Complete the 'flashback 4' activity. 
Then watch the video and complete the activity: Lesson 1
English: Please practise this week's spellings and then complete the comprehensions below. Just like last week, the comprehensions for you to download are named after your reading group :). 
Remember to answer in full sentences!! 
Come and See:  This week I would like you to write a thank you prayer to God. Think about all the things you are thankful for. 
Once you have written your prayer you can illustrate around it. 
I thought we could then read a couple of prayers each morning during our morning check ins :). 
Maths: Complete the 'Flashback 4' activity. Then watch the video and complete the activity. 
English:  Over the past two weeks we have been learning about the Maasai Tribe! Today I would like you to imagine you are a 'Maasai Person' and I would like you to write a diary entry or a recount of your day! 
Think about what they do: 
They build their own mud-huts; hunt their own food; look after their own animals; dance and make jewellery together! 
I would like you to write a recount of all the activities and jobs you have completed. Remember you are writing as a person from the Maasai Tribe so you have to write in the first person (which means using 'I). Write in full sentences and use different openers! You can only use the opener 'then' twice :).
Here is a short example: 
Dear Diary, I have had an extremely busy day today! First I woke up and fed my goats and cows. I need to keep them healthy and fit because they provide me with my milk. After I fed my animals I started my daily chores of cleaning up my mud-hut  as it can get very dusty inside. In the afternoon I went with my tribe to go and hunt food for my family to eat. We were out for hours hunting because gazelles can run very fast so are quite difficult to catch! 
Below you will find a video all about the Maasai Tribe to remind you about them. You can also re-read the fact-file from last week to help you. 
Geography:  Over the past few weeks we have been learning lots of facts about the African Savannah. Today I would like you to compare the African Savannah and Widnes. Think about what is in the African Savannah - Do they have shops and lots of transport? Are there animals and people in Widnes  and the Savannah? 
I would like you to draw a line down the middle of your page. On one side write 'Similarities' and on the other side write 'Differences'. Then I would like you to list similarities and differences of African Savannah and Widnes. 
* Teacher tip * there are a lot more differences than similarities. 
Both have birds 
Both can have hot weather
We have busy roads. 
We have 4 seasons and they have 2. 
Maths: Complete the Flashback 4. Then watch the video and complete the activity lesson 3
English:  Today I would like you to write an advertisement for 'Maasai Jewellery'. I want you to pretend you are selling a piece of Maasai jewellery so I want you to try and persuade someone to buy it! We when we persuade someone we convince them to do something. You must include adjectives in your advertisement. 
First you need to draw a picture of the Maasai jewellery you are trying to sell then you need to write about the jewellery.
For Example: For sale! A beautiful hand-crafted necklace. It is bright and colourful and it has red beads all over it.
PSHE- Managing money
This week in PSHE we are thinking about managing money. We need money to buy food, clothes, toys and to pay bills so we can have a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in. 
Today I would like you to think about the difference between 'needs and wants'. 
Below you will find an story to read and a quiz to complete: 
Once you have completed this, you can choose another activity or quiz to complete underneath! You do not have to complete them all, I have just added extra activities below incase you want to complete some more :). 
Maths: Complete the 'flashback 4'. Then watch the video and complete the activity  
English:  As we are at the end of our Africa topic I would like you to think about the Savannah. To consolidate the topic we usually have a debate in school about where we would prefer to live; The Savannah or Widnes and vote to see where the most popular place is to live!
Today I would like you to write down 3 reasons why Widnes is the best place to live and 3 reasons why the African Savannah is the best place to live. Remember to use my favourite word 'because' in your sentences! 
Then I would like you to message me with your vote (either Widnes or the African Savannah) and when I receive your votes I will count them and tell you where is the most popular place to live :). 
When we return to school we will have our actual debate :). 
Science:  This week we are continuing to look at the life cycle of animals. This week we are looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. I would like you to read the power-point about the 'life-cycle of a Butterfly'. I would then like you to complete the activity below. 
Maths: Complete the Flashback 4 activity.
Then complete the worksheet below. 
English: Today I would like you to write a book review about one of your favourite books. It can be a book you are currently reading; one that we have read in school or one that you have read in the past. 
Complete the worksheet below. 
If you finish your book review and would like to complete a comprehension as well, I have added one below for you to complete.
P.E.: I would like you to take part in the two videos underneath.
Once you have finished you could maybe make up your own 'walk story' for your favourite book!
Music: Today I would like you to listen to and begin to learn this song. It is called 'Anansi went Walking'. You could even use an instrument or make one (for example by putting rice in a bottle) and play along to the song :).