At Our Lady's we take part in and encourage many different after school activities.
Below the table you will find a summary of each club, along with times and the staff involved.   






Year 5/6

High Five

Miss Quirk/Mrs Tansey


Year 5/6

Dance & Drama

Miss Corkill/Miss Downey


Year 5


Mr Hulme/Miss Quirk



Games Club

Miss DeBegar


Year 3/4

Board Games Club

Mrs Donnelly/Mrs Hammell/Miss Poulson


Year 5/6

Rugby Club

Mr Stretch


Year 2/3


Beth Tweddle Gymnastics/Miss Quirk


Year 2

French Club

Miss Woodroffe/Miss Corkill


Boccia Club is run by Miss Morris; it takes place on Tuesday, after school, from 3pm to 4pm in the hall.  Currently it is for children in Years 1 & 2 and after half term it will be for Years 3 & 4. The aim of the game is to get your ball closer to the jack than your opponent’s team. This encourages the children to co-operate with each other in a team, take turns, develop hand and eye co-ordination and to understand that not all sports have to be physical.  
Boccia is a sport that is played primarily by people with a physical disability but able bodied people can also play on a level playing field due to it being a sport that you have to sit down to play. Boccia is a Paralympics/Special Olympic sport.

Art Club
We are running 2 art clubs this year: Miss Corkill and Mrs Donnelly will take Year 1 and 2 children in the Year 1 classroom for the Book craft club, and Mrs Hammell and Miss Poulson will be taking Key Stage 2 in the Learning Base. 
In both groups we will be learning techniques and styles of both art and crafts, and making wonderful pieces for us to display and share.

Film Club

Film Club is run by Ms De Beger, and takes place on a Thursday from 3pm to 4.15 pm in the Reception Classroom. Here we watch a great movie and have a delicious snack. This is a fun time for us all and we enjoy laughing at, and talking about the films we watch. Some of our favourites include: The Smurfs, Stuart Little and Ratatouille. 

Football Club

Mrs Tansey and Miss Quirk run a football training session for Year 5 and 6 every Tuesday from 3.00pm to 4.00pm on the school field. Here we practice skills and techniques to help the children develop as young footballers. Both girls and boys are welcome to come and will have a chance to be picked for either the girls' or boys' football teams, to represent our school in competitive matches. 
Both our girls' and boys' teams fare very well in competition, getting through to the latter stages in most competitions. In true English style, however, we often get knocked out on penalties! 

Children attending football club should always wear shin pads as a necessity, and should have appropriate sports clothing and boots for the weather. 
Hi Five

High five is run by Miss Cassidy and Mrs Tansey. It takes place on Mondays after school from 3pm to 4pm for children in Years 5 and 6.
The aim of the sessions is to develop children’s basic skills and understanding of the game, whilst increasing their knowledge of the rules in order to compete in match play.
Shakespeare Club
Mrs Richardson-Hignett will be taking Year 6 on an in depth look at The Bard's great works every Tuesday in the Year 4 classroom. 
Computing Club
This year Mr Easby has hung up his boots and will be running a Computing club for Year 4, 5 and 6. Here we will create projects that range from hardware building (and dismantling) to programming games and editing our very own Newsround!  
Maths Puzzles Club
Mrs Heston will be putting years 3 and 4 through their numerical paces with some fiendish maths puzzles and games. This takes place every Thursday in the Year 3 classroom.  
Rugby Club
With the help of our favourite team - the Widnes Vikings - Miss Quirk will be running a rugby club every Friday for Year 5.